The Complete Wedding Checklist

No doubt, getting ready for a wedding is a tough task and it takes a lot of time and organising. Use this little handy wedding planning list for your convenience and forget about half the headache. Also, always ask around your friends for people and services they’d suggest. You’d be surprised how much work can be done via a shortcut! 

12+ months before / as soon as you get engaged and are ready to start the wedding plan:

  • Sit down to discuss the main wedding theme with your other half to be sure you come up with something both of you are happy with. Be on the same page!
  • Set a budget and divide it into sections 
  • Draft a guest list or have an idea of the approximate amount of people you’ll invite 
  • If you have a necessity - hire a wedding planner to help you! Or assemble a dream-team from the family and friends :) 
  • Pick potential wedding dates 
  • Give the good news to your bridesmaids and groomsmen 
  • Research the venues and possible suppliers 
  • Optional: Throw an engagement party or organize an engagement photoshoot 

12 - 9 months before the special day

  • Decide on, visit and book your reception/wedding party location 
  • Do a deeper research on potential wedding services/ suppliers - photographer, florist, invitations, cake, decor, caterers, music, hair and make up, DJs
  • Decide on type of flowers, food, drinks and decorations for the reception
  • Find the perfect wedding gown 
  • Pick and send Save The Date cards 
  • Choose the package and book your wedding photographer

9 months before the special day

  • Book the entertainment (music & other) and decor, choose your wedding flowers & order the cake 
  • Decide and book bridesmaids’ dresses and groomsmen’s suits
  • Discuss, plan and book the honeymoon
  • Choose and book the make up and hair artist
  • Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests for the wedding 
  • Browse and choose wedding accessories and shoes 
  • Optional: launch a wedding website
  • Book & contact the selected venue(s) and arrange the decorations
  • Decide on your wedding rings and purchase them 

8 - 6 months before the special day

  • Reserve and double check structural and electrical necessities; talk with your venue and suppliers and ensure everything is tip-top
  • Arrange transport between the church and venue (if necessary) 
  • Start drafting the schedule of the special day 
  • Organise the legalities (papers, documents and other bits)

6 - 4 months before the wedding day 

  • Organize gifts for family, bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Optional: Book a rehearsal at the church and/or other venues 
  • Meet with your photographer and other service providers face-to-face and discuss the day, ask any questions and clarify the day 
  • Choose your music 
  • Decide on your wedding decorations including favours

4 - 1 month before the big day

  • Finalize the guest list 
  • Arrange the final dress fitting 
  • Finalise details for, and order mass booklets/schedule of the ceremony
  • Enjoy your bachelor & bachelorette parties 
  • Schedule a hair and makeup trial with your chosen artist

4 - 3 weeks before the wedding 

  • Deliver must-have shot lists to photographer and videographer. Include who should be in the group shots and portraits, also determine when during the day portraits will be taken
  • Give venue and the caterer final guest head count and work on your seating plan and print place cards 
  • Start making or buying wedding favours
  • Confirm all final payment amounts with your vendors as well as dates, times etc. 
  • Do a full wedding dress rehearsal from underwear to veil
  • Confirm times for the photographer, hair and make-up and all other vendors

The week of your wedding day

  • Drop off table cards, printed schedules, favours, table plan to the reception / coordinator
  • Ensure the wedding cake is on track to be delivered to reception venue on the day
  • Reconfirm arrival times with all vendors, just in case something has changed 
  • Pack an overnight bag for your reception night
  • Get manicure, massage, waxing & all your preening and prep done
  • Get enough rest, relax and enjoy your most special day!

Let me know how and if this list has helped you! 

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