Choosing a wedding photographer: how to take away the fears

The big day is coming. You are about to get married. Super exciting, am I right? But aside from choosing other wedding suppliers and vendors, one of the most important part of the wedding is to make sure all the precious moments are caught by a professional wedding photographer so after years and years both of you (and together with your kids) you can take a look though the photos from the day and once again, smile. 

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is not easy. Seems like some photographers make it even more complicated with set packages that do not entirely fit your needs. Make sure you get a personal service from the photographer and the offers are tailored to Your wedding and not everyone’s. As you might know from experience, one-size-fits-all rarely fits You. 

When looking for a wedding photographer for your special day, make sure the photographer is responsive and the information provided is relevant and helpful to you. We all hate template emails. 

After the first contact is initiated,  make sure you keep in touch with the photographer all the way until the wedding day comes. Schedule changes, new details about the venues: things like this are important to be communicated to your photographer, as these will help for the preparation and an up to date photographer is a happy photographer. And a happy photographer makes beautiful and seemingly effortless wedding images. 

Make sure you also communicate your ‘fears’ about the upcoming wedding day to your photographer and I am sure the right photographer will be able to help you get over them or give you a valuable advice. Here are a few common fears and how to ease your mind: 

Fear 1: I hate posing; I do not want to pose at my wedding

Nothing to be worried about! A lot of wedding photographers offer a ‘natural’ way of covering your wedding event, using more of a reportage technique as their way of work. Sometimes all you need to do is disclose this fear to your photographer and form there everything will be taken care of. You probably wouldn’t even notice there IS a photographer at your wedding. :) 

Fear 2: I don’t know what to order!

Don’t be afraid to say this to the photographer. A good photographer will build the package around You. Asking questions is a good way to see what the photographer has to offer. From there decide what out of all things offered is exactly what you need and book the photographer!

Fear 3: I want our wedding images fast 

At some point of your wedding photographer research you might have heard or read some horror stories about images being delivered up to one year after the wedding. Well.. that does sound scary! Make sure, when talking about your package, you insure the photographer can edit and deliver the agreed amount of photographs in a reasonable time-frame.  Be sure to give him/her enough time to edit the images in high quality, but I suggest to make 2 months as the cut-off deadline. 

Fear 4: I want to know Who is going to be our wedding photographer

Hey, we are all humans! Even your stranger photographer who you are going to let cover one of your life’s most important events. Don’t be shy to ask about the photographer’s personality and interests. Check out what they are like when they are not behind the lens. Maybe they love cats just like you and are passionate about Basquiat too. 

Fear 5: I want to book a great wedding photographer, but I do not know how to determine if the wedding photographer is any good

Look at his/her work. The photographer’s portfolio should be one of the indicators. Talk to the photographer. Make sure your wedding photographer gets what you need and is working towards making you feel special as a customer. See if you click (pun intended)!

Fear 6: I want something different

If so, communicate this to the photographer. A lot of photographers are very creative people and love to meet other creative souls like you. If you have any requests or ideas, email them to your photographer. Have a shared Pinetrest board! I am sure almost every traditional-looking wedding photographer has some fun & artsy shots to show off! 

Key takeaway: Communication is key and so is being relaxed. Getting rid of all your fears is a good start. 

Please do get in touch if you have any more questions about finding the right photographer or wedding package. 

Breakfast bowl - step by step guide

I have been asked a few times about the breakfast bowls I make and post constantly on instagram. Yes, I eat them all the time. Like every morning and sometimes even at lunch. So I thought I would share a simple, illustrated step by step guide how to make one for yourself (and get addicted too)! It’s tasty, easy to make and also vegan. 

This is what you will need:

  • chia seeds
  • almond milk (you can also use hazelnut, coconut or dairy milk too)
  • yoghurt or dessert alternative of your choice 
  • fresh fruit for topping (anything you love)
  • coconut shavings 

Step 1 

Pour some chia seeds into a bowl. Use as much you like; depending how hungry you are. I use about 4 heaped teaspoons or more.

Step 2

Add your almond milk. I use Alpro brand as it’s tasty and vegan. Make sure you stir through with a spoon once the milk is added, making sure all the seeds are covered. 

Step 3

Now wait. Let the seed soak up the liquid for about 10 - 15 mintutes at least. Once the time has passed you will see that the seeds has turned into some sort of a jelly monster look alike. You’re on the right path!

Step 4

Choose your yoghurt or dessert to whip on top. I love the Alpro Gingerbread Man dessert, which sort of tastes like Christmas in my mouth. Trust me, it’s good anytime of the year. 

Step 5

Pop it on top of your chia seeds in any shape you like. Mine looks like a blob. 

Step 6

Choose your favourite fruit to top it all off. I always go for the safe choice: banana. Today I’m feeling extra adventurous so I’m adding plums. 

Step 7

Cut the fruit and place them on top. Some people make cool and colourful patterns, but I’m more of a ’let’s get in my belly faster’ person.

Step 8

Sprinkle coconut shavings on top. You can also add anything else you’d like to see on top. I sometimes go all out and add cinnamon and grated dark chocolate. 

Step 9

As it is breakfast, I double my addictions by always enjoying the breakfast bowl together with coffee. 

Hope you enjoyed this little guide and please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see me make! 

© Laine Apine Photography 2016
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